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Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage [12 Dec 2008|06:49am]

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Roots - Free family tree maker

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Happy Holidays etc. [22 Dec 2007|12:18am]
Guys I know I haven't posted/been online/talked to anyone in like 6 months because I'm an ass but I had to come yap about Sweeney Todd which I just went to go see! =O My grandmother was in this play awhile back and I loved it as a kid (I was a weird kid). I must say without bias that my grandmother's performance completely blows Ms. Helena's out of the water ok! ( ' ')/ her crappy singing and mediocre acting was quite disappointing! I also think of her as playing such a good psycho chick but I don't think she got the part quite right. Johnny was perfect, I heard he had never sung before in his life but was the only one in the whole movie with a good voice >.> That ass, good actor, finely chiseled features, and now a good singer... what kind of karma did he accomplish in his last life to get everything all at once in this life. I hear he's an ass though. That is the general rule in life, (especially with guys) if they've got good looks they have little reason to try and succeed at anything else in life, like being well liked by others. People don't have to like you, they'll do you anyways =B If you're ugly you have to be really nice or smart to balance that out.

Sidetracked! The point is if you like musicals or even if you don't you should go see this and sing along. There are enough visual pretties to keep the musical haters entertained too. The movie barely deviates away from the original musical, I guess so Tim Burton wouldn't have angry nerdy Broadway fans sending him hate mail.

So... how is everyone's holiday time going? /puts gun to head
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[09 Nov 2007|10:26am]
[ mood | busy ]

I am selling everything I own so I can eat in Japan. \(' ')/

All my friends are broke ass that I know of but just in case... going up on ebays is:

NES Top Loader system
NES cartridges:
Double Dragon
Double Dragon II
Dragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior II
Dragon Warrior III
Dragon Warrior IV
Final Fantasy
Megaman 6
Castlevania II (Simon's Quest)

Einhander (debating on whether I can give this up or not ; ; )
Castlevania Symphony of the Night (this TOO ; ; ! )
Vagrant Story + guide

Gitaroo Man

Giant back light Playstation sign: $140

I've got more crap but I have to dig it out of boxes. If you want to make an offer on anything I'll rip them down from ebay. The vultures have already began to gather around the Dragon Warrior IV though you'll have to beat them down for it >.>

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蛸の上に座るあとでちょう蛸をなりました!-PO [17 Oct 2007|08:49am]
[ mood | anxious ]

guys GUYS, my professor along with a few other sources says the college I picked for study abroad sucks balls. Also... they refuse to tell me what classes they offer in English!! \oO/ A guy who went said they ended up canceling most of them and he had to take stupid crap like origami and basketball. So I teeter totter over to an adviser with a list of classes I want to take at some school to see what classes will transfer and she is a mean mean lady who isn't going to take crap. Surely Japanese Law I = American Law I but NO. So basically its all going to be electives anyways. I might as well take stupid crap like Origami if it isn't going to count! With that in my brain I'm considering a university called Toyo in Tokyo. It has a very good rep... but they offer like... 3 classes in English. But its in TOKYO xO !! Ok then there are 2 other schools near the Oosaka area. They aren't actually in the city though, and I'm am hard pressed on not getting stuck in the boonies. I don't want to end up in the El Paso of Japan, with nothing to do but rot in my dorm room. I hate trees and grass and the sort, I want giant gray buildings to block out the sun greeting me in the morning.

Ok so what do I do, I was all excited about going in April to Nagoya. Should I just go even though everyone says the school sucks, or should I wait until next August and go to a)Toyo in Tokyo with like no transfer credits, or b) school outside Oosaka with good transfer credits. Oh and this school near Oosaka is like 80% english speaking. Whats the point really?! I could just go to a college here and get that! What's the point of going to Japan to not hang out with Japanese people seriously.

ok wait let me sum up the choices
a) Nagoya : big city, shit school, shit dialect (I hope I don't pick it up >.>), shit classes, private room w/ kitchen, I get to go SOON (APRIL)
b) Toyo: big city, awesome school, dialect I'll actually understand @.@, shit classes, private room, I go in August ;( so faaar
c) Oosaka: fishing village 1 hour away from awesome Oosaka, awesome classes, have to share a room with 1-3 other people, school of white people, I go in August ;( so faaar

I had something more interesting to say but I've forgotten it already -( ' ')- must have not been that interesting.

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[09 Jul 2007|05:40am]
So the Transformers movie was way better than I expected it to be ( ' ')/ You all should go watch it now. Afterwards Al was whining about small discrepancies from the cartoon and other nerdy things. I'm suprised I even remember some of the names! *SPOILER?!* I noticed that Jazz died. Why the black robot gotta be the only one to die huh.
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[06 Jun 2007|12:31am]
I don't like this stupid quiz! D8<

So, t_q, your LiveJournal reveals...

You are... 0% unique and 18% herdlike
(partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy writing).
When it comes to friends you are normal. In terms of the way you relate to people, you believe in give and take.

Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is absurdly obscure.

Your overall weirdness is: 227

(The average level of weirdness is: 27.
You are weirder than 100% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!
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[04 Jun 2007|11:41pm]
[ mood | sad ]

nooooooo xO


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I hate school.... [24 May 2007|10:51pm]
Not really.. I love school. At least most of the time. I guess I'm just torn between a million directions I can take with it. I can only afford to go through it once and don't want to waste the experience. I'm determined to actually use my degree and learn something! D:< It shouldn't be so hard! It's not like I'm an Art History major or something else retarded, so I can wait on tables at Applebee's in the years after graduation. I'm trying my best to make myself more irreplaceable dammit! xO

I can't figure out how the hell people can pay for out of state or out of country tuition. I'm guessing there is some limitless loan out there somewhere that I don't know about?! Law school go thrown out the window a long time ago. I'd have to work the street corners, get 29874580 scholarships, and marry a rich old man about to die. When it comes to International studies of any kind besides Chicano, Texas is just not the place to be. I understand why, but it really limits what I'm able to major in. California COMMUNITY colleges have specific East Asia trade related majors. ; ; I can't even minor in one of the languages at my current college. (something I'm currently fighting about with my superiors D:< ) Oh oh but every single college I've ever looked at had FRENCH as a major. WHY! Why would anyone major in the -language- french?! Are we even talking to them this week XO ! We trade more with fucking Korea than we do France! 1,300,000,000+ people in China ... w/ the power to completely destroy the U.S financially and FRENCH is what Americans want to learn! What should I doooo ; ; ... attempt transfer to bigger more expensive school even if I have to sleep on park benches... apply to Japanese universities and sell my vagina to pay for it... or just suck it up and graduate here. It wouldn't matter to me what I majored in except for the fact that it affects what master's degree I can apply for. Which makes me a sad puppy 8( So far none of the graduate schools will accept me unless my school at least adds a minor in anything Asian.

Or I could be a stripper. Or get prettier... pretty girls don't have to go to school. HHHmmm
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[22 May 2007|11:00pm]
Had the strangest dream last night...

Al and I were in North Korea for some reason visiting our apparantly good friend Kim Jong-il. Who spoke perfect English by the way. He apparantly lived in a giant marble hotel with alot of gold furniture in it. We were sitting around the pool when we were invited to visit Mr Kim upstairs. We chatted about life and love and other people began joining us in the room. Nobody I knew. He then started to talk about his financial situation and how worried he was. Some good friends around him offered to write a few checks in order to help (there was no talk of selling the furniture). So they wrote him 3 checks for various amounts.. between 65-165 dollars :B He then turned to us and asked if we would go deposit his checks in the bank. We agreed and left promptly, but when we arrived at the bank I realized that I had lost 2 of the 3 checks somewhere. We knew we couldn't go back having lost the checks so we decided to hide in some gray abandoned building. Of course soon we were surrounded by zombies. I for some reason had alot of experience in this kind of situation and told Al we had to get a vehicle and keep riding until we reach the ocean, where we would have to steal a boat and float to a small island... where we will live out our years until the zombies starve from lack of fresh bodies. oO/
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Go outside and play! [15 May 2007|10:58am]
What a pretty day! I'm taking my stupid dogs down to the park to have a picnic later. My Bday was nice but uneventful. My mum took me and Al to go see 28 weeks later. I was quite dissapointed ; ; The first one is one of my favorite horror movies ever... the second one was just trying to be gory, it was rather pointless. My mum is also traumatized... she's a PG penguin tap dancing kind of person. But its MY Bday! xO Then we wandered around some stores and bought silly stuff and then got me an ice cream cake! =D

I'm on a diet ; ; I have to eat like 10 times a day. (I sheated on the ice cream cake =x) I know that sounds weird but it works. I have to eat dumb stuff like fruit and granola though D: Who made thin trendy?! Probably men.. stupid men. I should be living life to the fullest and eating all the Monte Cristos I want. Well after 40 I will do just that! After 40 who cares if you're hot \oO/ Unless you're a man, they're allowed to be hot for a long time, I've had plenty of crushes on 40 yr olds that I shouldn't have. I blame men for this phenomenon too.
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Hi 8D [13 May 2007|09:53am]
I just got back from my mini trip to L.A! What a poopy drive. Somehow I've picked up the habit of getting horribly carsick unless I'm driving or sleeping, and I can't sleep in a crowded van. ; ;
Not to mention Al's entire family are all horrible drivers. oO/ They are all so nice and cute, but need to ease up on the brakes.

I actually hate L.A. Everyone is so disgruntled and angry at something. I think its just the way they are, its hard to tell whether or not they are actually pissed off at you or it's just their charming personality. It confuses my southern brain, I thought we were supposed to smile and nod at everyone despite how annoying they are. However, I really liked the area I was staying in. We stayed in Los Feliz... the other two times I stayed in L.A it was the ghetto or the richy area. Both sucked. I could stand living in Los Feliz though. If I don't have to drive anywhere.

Tomorrow is my bday! 8D Nothing planned really. I think I'll treat myself to a movie and some ice cream! oO/
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Finals week suuuuuUUUuuuuuuucks [30 Apr 2007|02:19pm]

First of all I'd like to save you 5 dollars and tell you don't go see Pathfinder!!! I usually read reviews before I go to movies because I'm a part of the system and I believe in the man. I didn't this time, but the previews looked cool ; ; and I like half naked native American boys. Well it wasn't even good for that k, they were all old and fugly except Jay Tavare... he's meh.. Sometimes I get angry and want to go to film school knowing I could do better than this! xO

Which comes to my second point, my entire family is completely useless. To start they are all brokeass, second, they are brokeass because they are all musicians/philosophers/actors/historians USELESS! No mechanics, doctors, lawyers, or even someone who works at an awesome retail store/restaurant that we can get discounts at! They are cute and all, and I like them ok... they make for good and interesting conversation, just not very useful unless you're doing a report on the Civil War. Well my mum does manicures... I guess thats nice to have.

Well that was a lot of complaining! o o/ enough!

On the bright side I am being taken along a trip to L.A by Al's family. They are ignoring his graduation for his sister's so they feel bad, said I could come. My B-day is coming up. I'll be 20. I'm not sure how that is good news, but like 20 people will be trying to take me to dinner. My father wants to go to Las Vegas and bring me along. yay! I've never been.... what do brokeasses do in Las Vegas though... I guess nickel machines and walking around to look at the pretties. (the lights not the hookers) After Las Vegas I only need New York to explore before I get bored of the U.S and need to run away for awhile.

8 more months!
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ヽ(´ー`)ノ [30 Mar 2007|10:32am]
Well I just returned from the most fascinating lecture on the Hongkou ghettos of Shanghai, but I don't want to kill anyone with boredom so I will keep my newly found knowledge to myself! >/

How is everyone?!
I'm still here... I didn't do diddly squat for Spring Break. Go me. OH WAIT, well I went to Juarez with Al and his sister if that counts as something. We bought a coconut from a man with a machete on the side of the road. I'm adventurous, I didn't die! We also thought it would be so cool to go visit the area where like 500 bodies were found, and then take a trip to the colonias to try and catch a cock fight. We weren't killed there either. We didn't get to see cocks killing each other, but the nice guy let us into the back so we could look at his cocks..... >.>

Here are pictures: I didn't upload any cocks, sorry to disappoint.
Sorry my pictures suck, I'm too poor to afford a camera with any actual dynamic range. 8( someone buy me one.

p.s OMFG the girls here wear a lot of make-up. I guess I never noticed because I live here. I want to touch their faces and see if my finger comes back clean ewww. What's the fucking point ladies?! I like Al's explanation on how to tell the freshmen from the seniors here. The freshmen have their spike heels or fuck me boots on (seasonal) and mini skirts/curled hair/gobs of make up/etc. The seniors show up in PJs with their hair in a bun and glasses. ROCK. I get lazier the older I get too I guess, foundation has pretty much been thrown out the window now 8B . Still love eyeliner though! EYELINER LIKE THE NIGHT! XO

p.s.s The girl in front of me has like the biggest boobs I've ever seen on a 90 pound-ish girl. NOTHING else... just boobs. I dunno... she kinda hot though... librarian dorky look. hmmm and NO FUCKING MAKE-UP, thank you!

p.s.s.s I'm not gay, I like cock. Though I always see girls I'd totally do. DON'T QUESTION ME!
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RANDOM [25 Mar 2007|12:40am]
Random entry found on urbandictionary...

1. LBH
10 thumbs up

-Short for "Loser Back Home".
-Refers to expatriates (Usually hailing from North America or Europe)with low standards who create a completely different persona in their new country to cover for the fact that they are seen as complete douchebags back home.
-A characteristic LBH wears khaki pants/shorts, sandals with socks, and wife beaters. Sometimes they may wear sunglasses atop theirs heads, but never in the proper position.
-The LBH are increasing in number in many Asian countries, specifically Japan and China.
-They usually prey on Asian girls with low self esteem to compensate for never getting laid back in their home countries.

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[11 Mar 2007|05:52am]
[ mood | awake ]

all the critics can go to hell! 300 was awesome! It was also completely homo erotic. The few booby scenes couldn't save it from that. Because the MAN ASS scene took over! Men with flawless bodies in loincloths, when did men's fashion change for the worse...

well anyways, couldn't go to sleep without demanding everyone go watch it! >8(

I think the internet has run out of porn for me to watch, so I think I'll get some sleep now. ;O

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酒を飲むと、ねむく成ります..... [04 Mar 2007|07:43pm]
There is nothing to do here...
so I have watched SO many movies lately ヽ(´ー`)ノ

First of all... everyone must go see Last King of Scotland, its sooo good! I just heard today that guy won an Oscar. Good! >/ He needed one!

Today I saw Reno 911, it was terrible ( ゚д゚) but I mean it was still hilarious. It was sort of just like watching 4 episodes back to back with more boobs and cuss words.

I also watched Crash, I know its old but I had never seen it before. It was really good, but hard for me to watch. I'm pretty laid back about everything except a few choice subjects. I'm a big baby when it comes to movies, I cry a lot. >.>

Then I downloaded and watched Deathnote the movie. I think it was the movie... it seems like it was ripped from TV, and the subtitles were in Engrish. Well it was... not very good either oO/ but it was Deathnote and had hot guys therefore I watched and enjoyed it anyways.

My mommy has started going to the theater every Sunday, its weird... she never watched movies before. Anyways she only watches wimpy nice ones so I went with her to see Bridge to Tarabithia. It was good but depressing. It was still a Disney PG movie though, and I just need more boobs and inappropriate material to be completely satisfied that I got my money's worth.

I can't wait for 300 omg, I pee'd a little when I watched the trailer for the first time. I'm a sucker for big epic war like movies... except Star Wars, screw Star Wars. I need big axes and swords fighting elves to bring my inner nerd out. Space ships and light sabers just don't do it for me.

pew pew
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oO/ Its me once again [02 Mar 2007|10:40pm]
My father just released an album, anyone wanna buy one! Starving artists here xO
I don't recommend it for you headbangers :B Anyone that likes acoustic/songwriter stuff would like it.


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Go figure.. [02 Mar 2007|11:47am]
Ok so I take it back, I'm not a cartographic genius o.O/ I apparently don't know where Tokyo is. xD because I got it totally wrong on my test. D:
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because its fun to talk about yourself... [01 Mar 2007|04:04pm]
[ mood | bored ]

1. Crystal
2. TQ
3. Rabbit

1. My feet
2. My brilliant ideas!
3. I don't want the same things as others.

1. Lazy ;o
2. My brilliant ideas always fall flat ;(
3. I don't want the same things as others.

1. Sicilian
2. Scottish

1. Biscuit cans that pop ; ;
2. Failure
3. Monotony

1. Water
2. Air
3. Music

1. My David Bowie shirt 8D
2. Jeans
3. nerd glasses

1. Sex... Machineguuuuuuns xO
2. Primus
3. Luna Sea

1. I don't remember anything from age 0-14
2. Children love me.
3. I love sushi.

1. Make a boy cry.
2. Get 30 scholarships for next year.
3. master the -serareru form verb

1. Freedom
2. Someone to pamper
3. Randomness

1. Graph line equations.
2. Whistle.
3. Sit still.

1. Video games (currently conquering China xO)
2. Eating.
3. Collecting korean boys in my closet.

1. Get a milkshake.
2. Go Home.
3. Get out of New Mexico!

1. Rockstar
2. Rockstar
3. Your boss!

1. Japan
2. Nepal
3. Germany

1. Dante
2. Luna
3. Daigo

1. Visit 30 countries
2. Become an entrepreneur
3. Anchang

1. Oniii
3. Your Mom

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[24 Feb 2007|10:25am]

you too huh 8I There is this time period right after winter and before spring that never seem to go well for me.

I've had constant allergies since I got here. Now my throat hurts... probably getting sick. D: You know I don't think I sneezed once in Austin! I'm not what sure what I'm deathly allergic to here.

They canceled Court TV here ; ; Like the one thing I ever liked watching was my silly cop shows. So I've switched to Discovery, but they keep having marathons of that Man vs. Nature show... which there only seems to be like 5 episodes of, so they just keep repeating them. They suck.

Can't seem to force myself to lvl to 70ish in FFXII so I can go beat on Ultima. Its like FFXI all over again.

I'm on MiXi now! Who's on Mixi?! o.o/ At first I was excited about getting so many messages. Now its getting sort of annoying, as they are all just looking for free English lessons >/ Which I guess I can't complain about as I'm only there to improve my HORRID Japanese conversation skills. Japanese people seem to be so structured all the time. Like if they don't email me back RIGHT AWAY they have to send a thousand apologies and insult their own lack of diligence in remaining friends with me. Of course that makes me feel like I have to do the same thing back! Which is bad as usually I'm a month late in replying to messages. (´∀`)But seriously they run everything like we're in the 3rd Reich trying to appease some invisible Hitler who's watching us to be sure we don't slack on sending our messages. They did that crap in FFXI parties too.

Anyone going to Ozzfest?? Its FREE. Probably meaning we'll have to wait in line for 3 days, but hey... not much else to do around here.

I ate my first Monte Cristo sandwich. Wow those are good, why didn't anyone tell me about those before? Let's take a normally decently healthy ham and cheese sandwich and then deep fry it and cover it in powdered sugar! Then let's add some random sugary "fruit" dipping sauce! God bless America! I felt my arteries clogging as attempted to eat the whole thing. I think its from France though ;o and France is dumb! >/

ok I think those are the highlights of my life right now. Not book worthy I know.
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